In the Neatest Most Fashionable Manner, Three Centuries of Alexandria Silver

by Catherine B. Hollan

Catalogue of an exhibition 
curated by Catherine Hollan 
at The Lyceum, Alexandria, Virginia
October 28, 1994 to January 31, 1995

  • 189 pages, softbound, 8.5 x11"
  • Photographed items by 32 silversmiths
  • 18th & 19th silversmiths, and in the 20th century Dezo Rubesch, Chip deMatteo, and William deMatteo
  • List of 135 artisans working in Alexandria to 1899
  • article "Ownership of Silver, Clocks, Watches: a Review of Alexandria Probate Inventories and Mortgaged Households, 1795-1818"
  • exhibition of silver from private, museum, and Department of State lenders marking the gift of significant pieces of Alexandria silver  from May and Howard Joynt to The Lyceum.
Artisans whose work is photographed include:

R.C. Acton, R.C Acton & Sons, James Adam, John Adam, William Wallace Adam, W.W. Adam & Son, Benjamin Barton, Charles A. Burnett, Josiah Coryton, Chip deMatteo, William deMatteo, (Major) George Duffy, John Duffey, John Duffey, John Gaither, James Galt, Jacob Gregg, Greenberry Griffith, Griffith & Gaither, John Peter Latruite, Adam Lynn, Moredcai Miller, Richard Nixon, John Pittman, John Potter, Dezo Rubesch, Henry Semken, Franklin A. Whelan, Henry W. Wildt, John Williams, William A. Williams, unknown.