Philadelphia Silversmiths and Related Artisans to 1861

by Catherine B. Hollan

The "Go-To" reference for Philadelphia Silversmiths.
--Maine Antiques Digest

...a MUST HAVE ...monumental work..                     --Silver Magazine
This one book replaces a shelf of books for identifying and differentiating Philadelphia silversmiths and their marks. 

Philadelphia was the largest silver market in America from 1760 to the 1820s and a center for silver manufactoring throughout the nineteenth century. Her silversmiths made large quantities of the silver collected today and supplied silver spoons, cups, and tea wares to numbers of silversmiths elsewhere.

Updates:         Sep.2013   Dec 2013
  • 8.75  x 11.25 "
  • hardbound, 391 pages

  • list of over 3,800 silversmiths with over 1,000 photographs of marks
  • list of engravers, US Mint employees, die sinkers
  • list from support trades such as platers, watch case makers
  • list of clockmakers

Special section on picturebacks on spoon bowls of 1740 to 1840 by Philadelphia silversmiths--18 categories and 125 enlarged photographs of bird-backs, also urns, foliates, griffins, eagles, pelican, shells, etc.

Special section on pattern handles made before 1850 in Philadelphia.

​Special section on the marks and symbols used with maker names, such as city, purities (coin, sterling, francs, crowns), scorpion, eagle, and other symbols.